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Shoe Cleaning Kit

Fabshield’s Complete Shoe Cleaning Kit is designed for the everyday shoe lover. The shoe cleaner has been created to effectively clean shoes with minimal effort, help extend its life, eliminate germs and bacteria and keep it fresh, tidy, and ready for use.

Shoe Cleaning Solution
Soft Bristle Brush
Premium Microfiber Cloth

Can be used on Canvas, Nubuck, Suede, Flyknit, Fleece, Etc.

How to use the Shoe Cleaning Kit?

Step 1: Dip the brush in a bowl of water
Step 2: Apply a generous amount of the cleaning solution to the brush.
Step 3: Scrub the shoes with the brush in a circular motion creating a good amount of foam.
Step 4: Wipe the shoe surface with the premium microfiber cloth.
Step 5: Let the shoes air dry for sustained freshness.

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People love their FabShield


It feels really nice to finally have good looking mask to match my outfits.


This stuff keeps my sneakers looking as good as new, now I can go out and buy other types of shoes


I think the ‘e’ in Fabshield stands for easy because this makes life Fudging ‘easy’

Bboy Wildchild

My shoes have taken such a heavy workload and still thanks to FabShield they're good as new


saves me time in washing my shoes from time to time


Totally helpful for all OCD peeps out there


The most comfortable mask out there, love my #fabmask

People love their Fabshield

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