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FabShield is a superhydrophobic spray formulated to protect your valuables from spillage and stains. This water-repellent cleaning solution protects multiple types of products such as shoes, caps & bags. FabShield also repels tea, coffee, ketchup, wines, sauces and muck.

Any product treated with a single coat of FabShield can be washed anywhere between 6 to 8 times before another coat of our odorless cleaning solution (FabShield) needs to be reapplied.

Our nano-coating spray is non-flammable, environmentally friendly and has UV resistant with anti-bacterial properties

Why else you ask; because FabShield is

  • Easy to Use
  • Safe
  • Prolonged Durability
  • Revolutionary Locking Technology

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People love their FabShield


It feels really nice to finally have good looking mask to match my outfits.


This stuff keeps my sneakers looking as good as new, now I can go out and buy other types of shoes


I think the ‘e’ in Fabshield stands for easy because this makes life Fudging ‘easy’

Bboy Wildchild

My shoes have taken such a heavy workload and still thanks to FabShield they're good as new


saves me time in washing my shoes from time to time


Totally helpful for all OCD peeps out there


The most comfortable mask out there, love my #fabmask

People love their Fabshield

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8 reviews for FabShield

  1. admin

    good product

  2. Medha

    I had no idea that all my shoe related woes will be taken care of with just this one product! Be it water or dirt, this product has helped in keeping my shoes safe against it all. Recommended

  3. Devyani

    Saturday nights just got better! This one-stop shop has provided me with the solution for all the resilient stains that ruin a good outfit. Be it wine, dirt or sauces – Fabshield’s got it all covered!

  4. Shashank Singh

    Excellent customer service! I was very skeptical about buying this product, and was asking lots of questions, because i wanted to use it on my new yeezys but It is absolutely fantastic and as advertised. They have a very helpful customer service and knowledge about shoe care.

  5. Eashan Parekh

    Perfect gift for friends and family, May it be shoes, clothes, caps, anything! A must have product specially for the weather

  6. Sahil Nanda

    I’ve just ordered my second bottle of Fabshield, and reccomend it to all my friends and family You need to spray just a single coat in order to make you shoes dirt and stain repellent! this easily lasts for 3 months

  7. Rajat Kapur

    This thing is amazing. I am in love with this. It saves your shoes from drinks and stains and the best part is it works during the monsoons too.

  8. Jaideep Phadke

    Pure genius this product. I highly recommend it

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