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About Us


The other kind of protection you need!

We are a modern brand that understands the needs of the modern consumer.

We sincerely believe in creating classy, convenient and genuinely useful products for all.
With over 8 years of combined professional experience in Product, Operations, Marketing, and a lifetime worth of experience in creating and building things, we are two quintessential Mumbai boys behind this enterprise which is slowly growing into a full-fledged team. What started as a random discussion in the classrooms and the Famous Basketball court of St. Xavier’s college-Mumbai back in our junior college days almost a decade ago has eventually turned into reality, and we are overwhelmed by the unreal response that we have received along the way.

Whether it’s creating an easy to use- effective sneaker protector spray, to creating a specially formulated- easy to use sneaker cleaning wipe, to creating super-comfy innovative 2in1 Face Masks, we love thinking in first principles and with the help of experts building innovative, useful products from the ground up.

And we’re whole-heartedly enjoying this journey, which truly reflects in the products we create and eventually the people who use them!

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