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We protect what’s important to you!


FabShield easily repels tea, coffee, ketchup, wines, sauces, curries and muck from any non-leather surface.


One coat of Fabshield can protect your shoes, bags, car seats, sofas, carpets, apparel or upholstery for months.


Fabshield is a nanotechnology-based, environment-friendly spray that won’t break the bank.

We care about the same things you do!

Fabshield repels everything from an accidental spill to an accidental stomp
Fabshield is easy to apply and requires five simple steps
Fabshield’s superhydrophobic formulation is non-flammable, environment-friendly and UV-resistant with anti-bacterial properties

How to Apply

Simple, Secure, Swift!


Simple add Fabshield to your cart and pay by method of your choosing. DO NOT forget to add the ‘Promo Code’.


All payments are carried out through a Secure third-party payment gateway. We DO NOT store any card details.


Fabshield will be delivered straight to your doorstep within five business days. Waste no Time when it comes to protection.

People love their fabshield


It feels really nice to finally have good looking mask to match my outfits.


This stuff keeps my sneakers looking as good as new, now I can go out and buy other types of shoes


I think the ‘e’ in Fabshield stands for easy because this makes life Fudging ‘easy’

Bboy Wildchild

My shoes have taken such a heavy workload and still thanks to FabShield they're good as new


saves me time in washing my shoes from time to time


Totally helpful for all OCD peeps out there


The most comfortable mask out there, love my #fabmask

Questions we get a lot these days

What does Fabshield do?

FabShield is a superhydrophobic spray formulated to protect your valuables from spillage and stains. This water-repellent cleaning solution protects multiple types of products such as shoes, bags, car seats, sofas, carpets, and upholstery. FabShield also repels tea, coffee, ketchup, wines, sauces, curries, and muck.

Why Fabshield?

Any product treated with a single coat of Fabshield can be washed anywhere between 6 to 8 times before another coat of our odourless cleaning solution (Fabshield) needs to be reapplied.

Our nano coating spray is non-flammable, environmentally friendly and has UV resistant with anti-bacterial properties

Why else you ask; because Fabshield is –

  1. Easy to Use
  2. Safe
  3. Prolonged Durability
  4. Newness Locking Technology
What does it repel?

FWater, wines, sauces, liquid-based curries/chutneys, body fluids, and muck.

On what surfaces does it work on?

The solution works on fabric, suede, nubuck, Jersey, wool, carpets, curtains, cushions, tablecloths, lab coats, and many more, that absorb the liquid when sprayed.

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